About Us

About Relations

The name RELATIONS signifies the basic nature of mankind to be related, with one self, with others, with the society, and with the world. This relatedness provides us the basic stimuli and motivations to live, perform and achieve at home and at work.

We at RELATIONS function with the primary framework of Transactional Analysis making concepts and methods from various Psycho-Social Sciences, like NLP, Gestalt and System’s Approach, applicable for organisations and for individual trainers, managers and workers.


Our professional goals are to help organisations improve relationships and teamwork; to help organisations create a healthy organisational culture; and to help employees realise autonomy in their personal and work life.

We facilitate Organisational Development through Developmental Training, Coaching and Counselling in India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Dubai since 1995.

Our guiding principles are Contractual Method and Open Communication.


Contract is a mutual agreement to achieve a well defined outcome. This ensures all the partners in the learning and change process know in advance what their stakes are and assures their commitment to the process.


Open Communication is based on the premise that the learner is expert in his/her own field of work and hence has the right to know and the power to choose.


Our supporting professional principles are

  • starting with the top management
  • involving the entire organisation
  • use of process interventions
  • use of research involving the practitioners
  • reinforcing change by developing internal resources within the system

We adhere to a strict code of ethics based on that of the International Transactional Analysis Association.