Admissions Open for 2015

Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis for Organisation Development

Admissions Open for 2015 in Delhi and Mumbai

Who will benefit?

This course is designed for those who wish to apply Transactional Analysis in any group and organisational contexts, with an aim to enhancing individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. With this course, practicing managers, organization consultants, coaches and trainers can augment their professional development endeavors.

Learning and application of Transactional Analysis for organization development includes:

  • Enhancing communication, cooperation and effectiveness
  • Enhancing team effectives, communication and cohesion
  • Leading and managing group processes
  • Understanding learning theory and enhancing training design and delivery
  • Diagnosing Organization Culture and facilitating change.
  • Managing people and processes during change and transformation
  • Coaching and Mentoring systems
  • Understanding and dealing with the dynamics of organizational power play and politics


C. Suriyaprakash

PhD |  Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational)

I. A. Mohanraj

Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational)

K. Raguraman

Certified Transactional Analyst (Organisational)


“Suriya’s accurate insight during supervision is something to be experienced. He is knowledgeable, flexible and very generous with his giving. I have certainly drawn a lot from him in the last 12 months. He exposed us to many models that allowed us apply TA very systematically in an organizational context and experience how theories come to life in organizational interactions.  It was especially important for me coming from a psychotherapy background – I began to enjoy and consciously use TA in my everyday work – coaching, training, consulting and managing my own team.”

Aruna Gopakumar

Director, Navgati

“The TA for OD group combines learning TA theory with the experience sharing by the OD/training heads in various organizations. This gives a complete new dimension to the learning. The theory, structure of the programme and the facilitation by Suriya add a lot of value to me as a person and professional.”

Deepak Patil

DGM, Leadership & Management Development , Firstsource Solutions Ltd

“TA has been a wonderful learning process for me.  Before I began to apply it professionally, I used it to mould my behaviour, thinking process and ability to deal with people personally.  This enhanced my relationships and I believe I matured as a person.  Keeping all this, professionally it was wonderful to see how better I could understand people and situations and how I developed the ability to look at things differently. The key to my learning was my facilitator who brought in so much of personal experiences and examples, the very homely environment of the sessions that made it all so easy.”

Chitra Swamy

Head-Consulting Services, The Skill Studio

“I travelled every month from Chennai to Bangalore to attend the one year course conducted by Physis on organisational transactional analysis. It was fruitful experience and I gained growth in personal and professional life. I enjoyed the experiential learning process and understood how to use transitional analysis for organisational development.”

A Geethan

Psychotherapist, Trainer and Systemic Coach