Developmental Coaching

What is Developmental Coaching?

Coaching is a time-tested sure way of following up on initial developmental training with an intention of sustaining the learning and ensuring observable change. Developmental Coaching is aimed at continuous development of the executives to be effective at work and in life.


Developmental Coaching is a structured process-driven relationship between a trained professional coach and an individual or team, which includes:

  • assessment
  • examining values and motivation
  • setting measurable goals
  • defining focused action and
  • using validated tools and techniques

to help coachees (one who is coached) develop competencies and remove blocks to achieve valuable and sustainable changes in their professional and personal lives. Organisational Development Coaching is development of the individual or team, which, in turn, will assist the growth of the organization. It includes elements of training, learning, modeling and counselling.


Executive Coaching is when the coachee is an individual in an organisation.


Team Coaching will benefit teams in organisations.


We adopt a behavioural model to development because

‘change behaviour                          change results’

Special coaching tools used with executives are:

  • Functional analysis
  • Game Analysis
  • Script Analysis
  • Behavioural profiling using TA and NLP


Process Feedback and Facilitation

Objectives: To observe the psychological/hidden processes among members of the organisation and provide feedback to create awareness and facilitate smooth resolution towards stated goals.


Often, when people work together, the group’s energy is diverted towards unproductive or destructive psychological processes, away from the group’s work. These unaware processes lead to low motivation and morale, decreased productivity and efficiency and waste of resources, high levels of stress and overall unhealthy work environment. This often needs an external specialist to observe and give feedback and redirect the group’s energy towards to group’s stated purpose and goals. Process feedback and facilitation is an effective intervention for overall Organisational Development.