The Team

Suriyaprakash C, PhD, is professor of Organisational Behaviour at Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore, and has international accreditation as Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) in the organisations field. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has over two decades of experience teaching, research, facilitation and industrial training and consultancy.

He was Chair of Training and Certification Council of Transactional Analysts, and Vice-President-Operations (2007-2009), Vice President-Research and Innovation (2010-2012) and President of the International Transactional Analysis Association ( 2015-2017) and is current Secretary and Trustee of the South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (

Suriya received the Muriel James Living Principles Award of the ITAA in the year 2013 for his significant contribution to the advancement of transactional analysis by personal example and contributions of an exceptional and lasting nature.

Mohanraj I.A., BSc, PGDBA, has international accreditation as Certified Transactional Analyst in the organisations field. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has over two decades of field experience in personal selling, teaching, industrial training and consultancy. He was visiting faculty at GRD School of Career Studies, and GRD School of Social Science, Coimbatore. He was a Faculty and Voluntary Counsellor of Asha Counselling and Training Services, Coimbatore and Former-Secretary of TA Study Circle of Coimbatore. He was Member, Board of Trustees of the ITAA (2006-2008 & 2011-2014). He was the Regional Examination Coordinator for International Board of Certification. He was the Treasurer (till 2014) and currently Trustee of SAATA.

Mohan and Suriya have done their counselling certification (BTA) with the Institute for Counselling and Transactional Analysis, Kochi. They have over 20 years’ experience in counselling at Asha Counselling and Training Services and in organisational counselling and coaching through Relations.

Suriya and Mohan are Co-Directors of Relations Institute of Development. They provide Organisational Development training and coaching to small and medium enterprises. Between them they have trained managers, executives, factory employees, teachers, students, social workers and parents and logged tens of thousands of hours of teaching, training and consultancy using TA and allied models. Their specialty in organisational development, with TA includes, creating awareness, team building, problem-solving, conflict resolution, group dynamics, communication and motivation. They run advanced TA training groups in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Calicut, Hosur, Mumbai and Delhi preparing trainers, consultants, coaches, practising managers, and counsellors to appear for the international certification as Transactional Analysts in the field of organisations and counselling. They regularly present papers in national and international conferences.

They are pioneers of developmental TA training programmes in India, which prepares professionals for the Diploma in TA of SAATA and Certified Transactional Analyst of the ITAA. Their flagship programmes include transactional analysis for better living (TA101), TA basic skills (TABS) for practitioners, developmental TA (DTA 202) for organisations and counselling.